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Finished Sharpie art window

The Sharpie Artist Story

I didn’t mean to create this website.

I was happily working on another huge project when in came a commission from a friend who wanted a window.

A window with my Sharpie art.

God, I love Sharpies.

Last fall, I wrote an article on a whim: creating “stained glass” with Sharpies.  It was a fun afternoon project and I admit, I just wanted something fun to write about.

I never thought I’d end up creating a website for it.  I never dreamed I would have people asking me to create these stained glass Sharpie windows for them.

And you want to know another secret?

I wasn’t entirely sure just how interested I was in this endeavor, even after a couple people had asked me about these windows.

My friend Kelly, aka Real Housewife, commissioned me to do this and as I started working with these oil-based Sharpies, something happened.

I had the biggest, stupidest grin on my face for the two days it took to create this abstract art on an old window.

It wasn’t because I specifically was doing this artwork, but unique and innovative and just plain cool were the words that sprouted to my mind.

Take a look for yourself:

Sharpie oil art

Sharpie window in progress

Sharpie circles and designs

Sharpie designs in progress

Finished Sharpie art window

Here’s the finished version of the window

Sharpie Oil Paint Detail

Close up of Sharpie designs


Light shining through sharpie

Here’s what the Sharpie art on the window looks                         like with some light shining through.

Sharpie oil paint

Sharpie window from a different angle.

So yes, if you’d like a window, too, let me know.  It will take me about two weeks to complete: to source the window, sand off the old paint on the frame, apply new paint to the frame of the window, scrape excess paint from the glass, and apply a Sharpie design.